Oliver Twist

On January 26, we went to Paris to see a theatre play : Oliver Twist. First we all met at 9 am at the school and we took the train to Paris together. In the train, the students were excited because they were happy to be out of school for the day. When we arrived in Paris, we took the subway. It was strange to take the subway with our classmates but it was fun.
When we arrived at the theatre there were many students from other schools. After a short wait, the play began and it was extraordinary. The actors were deep into their characters, the costumes were beautiful.And we were surprised because a few times during the play, the actors actually sang ! The play was funny and emotional. We were lucky to be seating in the front row. We ate lunch in the train on our way back.
To conclude, we liked the play very much and would love to see another one again soon.

Thibault (Secondes)